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School Development Plan

 Each year the school leadership team, alongside the governing body review the areas for improvement. Our current plan is split into the following sections. The school development plan is written to support a five year overall vision for the school. If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything it's that school priorities can change very quickly. As a team we are adaptable and regular reviews of the development plan allow us to ensure that we're always focused on the right areas for improvement.

OFSTED Targets from February 2022  -  Whole school priorities addressed through the introduction of a new curriculum in September 2022

  • On occasions, in a few areas of the curriculum, teachers do not present and revisit important knowledge effectively. This means that a small proportion of pupils do not remember and consolidate knowledge in the most efficient way. Leaders should continue with plans to ensure that teaching consistently provides the most effective opportunities for pupils to learn, retrieve and apply the important knowledge being taught throughout the curriculum.

 Five Year Targets 2021 - 2026 

  • Embedded behaviour strategy consistent across all staff, governors and parents. Full implementation of Herts Steps  (Therapeutic Thinking) Training triangulated with SEND/Mental Health and vulnerable groups
  • SEND transformation ensuring early identification through regular training opportunities. A pro-active approach to identification and resource starts in Nursery.
  • Assessment processes across all subject areas and for all vulnerable groups is secure and used to move learning forward
  • Communication amongst all stakeholders (staff, governors, pupils and parents) is effective and purposeful and supports pupil progress.
  • Leadership – Refining of the role and structure of the governing body to allow for greater efficiency and strategic accountability
  • Reading schemes across the school support improved outcomes for pupils.

To see the school's current year development plan click the link below

School Development Plan 2023-2024